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Christopher Columbus Discovered By Christopher...
Christopher Columbus Discovered By Christopher Columbus


5 tips from travelers

 ·  Danielle N.   Jul 17, 2010

Some great antiques to be found. Steer clear of the knock off junk sections.. pickpocket paradise.

 ·  Mauricio G.   Oct 18, 2012

Huge Flea Market. You can spend hours and get lost here. Pretty awesome!

 ·  Kayla   Dec 2, 2012

Go straight to the antiques.

 ·  Meagan K.   Jan 27, 2013

One of the best flea markets in the world.

 ·  Janek R.   Jun 22, 2013

Amazing market! Make sure to check the part under the bridge (southwest corner). That's the REAL flea market!