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About this place

Largo do Pelourinho, 18 - Pelourinho, Salvador de Bahía - Bahía, 40026-280, Brasil

The Largo do Pelourinho , officially Praça José de Alencar, is a public place situated in the heart of the oldest part of the city of Salvador in Bahia. At the foot of the old Port of Caramel, close to the Shrine of Jesus and one of the most famous sets of the Baroque Churches of the Americas: San Francisco, all in gilt , the Rosary of the Blacks, the Step and the majestic Cathedral Basilica before the Church Fathers of the College.

Largo do Pelourinho is so named because it has been for many years, a place of punishment where the condemned were exposed, tied to the pillory, in the eyes of passers by and the public execration.

This place is a scene of many tragedies but also of intense beauty and pictures reproduced in the world, postcard compulsory those who visit the city of Salvador, is planted at Casa de Jorge Amado. It hosted the videoclip of Michael Jackson.

Bea Gómez Discovered By Bea Gómez
Bea Gómez Discovered By Bea Gómez


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