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Marx Meadow Drive, San Francisco, California 94121, EEUU

Golden Gate Park is a large urban park consisting of 1,017 acres of public grounds. It features the Kezar Stadium, Conservatory of Flowers, the AIDS Memorial Grove and the Japanese Tea Garden among others.

Golden Gate is the third most visited city park in the United States after Central Park in New York City and Lincoln Park in Chicago.

There is a famous urban legend in this park that has been going on for almost 100 years, being the earliest record of the legend printed in the San Francisco Chronicle in 1908. Over years, different stranges occurences have taken place here with various points of referance. This is why it is believed there are ghosts in this park. 

Andrés Orduña Discovered By Andrés Orduñ...
Andrés Orduña Discovered By Andrés Orduña


20 tips from travelers

 ·  (RED)   Dec 30, 2010

Did this landmark turn (RED) on World AIDS Day?

 ·  Sony   Oct 24, 2012

For all the Golden Gate runners in the park, although tempted to start out on pavement, try warming up on park grass in a 5-10 minute pre-run.

 ·  Valentine's Day Movie   Feb 2, 2010

Rent a boat and paddle to the top of the island in the middle of Stow lake, a popular spot for couples to picnic. #vday

 ·  National Wildlife Federation   May 24, 2010

Dig birding? See everything from Great Blue Herons to an Orange Crowned Warbler at Golden Gate Park!

 ·  Kelly S.   Sep 9, 2011

Huge Ginormously Beautiful Park. So much to do, to see - botanical gardens, dog parks, museums, gardens, bison, lovely cruising ride to the ocean, or anywhere in the city, esp on a Sunday - no cars.

 ·  SF Weekly   May 19, 2011

SF Weekly's Best Of 2011 - Reader's Poll - BEST PLACE TO TAKE VISITORS

 ·  American Express   Jun 22, 2011

Amex Travel tip: visit the Conservatory of Flowers to see the world’s largest collection of orchids (700+ species). The first Tuesday of every month is free!

 ·  Dora   Jun 30, 2010

When the park opened, it was a "free-range zoo" with bison, bears, elk, goats, and more. The quirky Buffalo Paddock still exists. Check your park map for its location.Powered by

 ·  Grizzly C.   Apr 1, 2010

see the buffalo

 ·  The Ritz-Carlton   Feb 20, 2013

A secret gem of Golden Gate Park is the Garden of Shakespeare’s Flowers, loated near the Japanese Tea Garden. Inspired by the masterworks of the famous playwright, the garden has over 200 flowers.

 ·  SF Weekly   May 19, 2011

SF Weekly's Best Of 2011 - Reader's Poll - BEST JOG

 ·  nina a.   Apr 14, 2009

Feed a duck!

 ·  Julie P.   Jan 24, 2010

Go to Stow Lake. You can walk around the lake, hike up the hill for beautiful city views, or rent paddle boats. There are a lot of social squirrels, which is why our dog drags us there regularly.

 ·  chris a.   Jun 28, 2010

On Sundays, the streets in the park are closed to traffic. It's a great place to ride a bike, walk, relax outside of the conservatory of flowers, or listen to live concerts at the music concourse.

 ·  David L.   Dec 9, 2011

Roller skating, lawnbowling, drum circles, the country's first public playground, buffalo, boating -- pick an activity and go for it!

 ·  Cameo W.   Apr 27, 2009

Ride the carousel.

 ·  Siobhan Q.   Aug 13, 2011

On Sundays they close the road to traffic so you can let your dog off leash without fear of cars!

 ·   Sep 10, 2011

Rent a boat or a bike at Stow Lake for some added park entertainment.

 ·  Danny N.   May 12, 2010

Great place for running

 ·  Dec 12, 2012  ·  Edit / Delete

Ride a Bike. It is very bike friendly