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Via Antonio Segni, 80045 Pompei Provincia de Nápoles, Italia
The houses of Pompeii, unearthed during the excavations of ancient Pompeii , buried by ' eruption of Vesuvius in 79 , were structured in three main types, depending on thesocial status and wealth of the owner: the domus belonged to the rich and houses were usually very large which were arranged around an atrium , also had an area where there were domestic life, such as kitchens and bedrooms and an area of representation, as the tablinum , triclinium and a peristyle with a central garden , often adorned with fountains . Smaller homes were actually owned by the middle class and consisted mostly of a courtyard around the central discovered which opened the cubicles and a small garden used as a vegetable . Finally, the so-called pergule, small houses that belonged to the merchants, formed by a room that overlooked the street and used as a workshop and back small rooms , utilized as well as warehouses and as homes .
Christopher Columbus Discovered By Christopher...
Christopher Columbus Discovered By Christopher Columbus


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