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Christopher Columbus Discovered By Christopher...
Christopher Columbus Discovered By Christopher Columbus


9 tips from travelers

 ·  Richard Y.   Jan 10, 2010

Little mall with free access, you will fins thé first French Apple Store and a Virgin Megastore in there

 ·  Thomas C.   Aug 29, 2011

The most expensive toilets in the world?

 ·  Roxanne H.   Jun 16, 2011

€1 for an interesting & fantastic toilet experience!

 ·  Kashif Z.   Oct 11, 2010

Buy tickets to the Museum here and skip the giant queue outside the Pyramid

 ·  Adam F.   Jun 7, 2012

Pay to pee!

 ·  Peter   Nov 20, 2009

If you go to Paris Photo, book you tickets online! The lineup is huge!! Well worth the visit.

 ·  Ocean W.   Jun 23, 2011

Free wifi at the apple store!

 ·  Roberta Z.   Mar 11, 2012

The food court must have something for every taste. Prices range from 9 to 19 euro in most restaurants. Service was bad all around. Had the mediterranean menu and food was quite good.

 ·  Darryl S.   Sep 2, 2012

Avoid the pyramid queue for The Louvre and use this entrance.